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In Ohio, you’ll need a notary public when you sell a car, conduct a real estate transaction, take an oath required by the law, undergo a deposition, designate a power of attorney, or provide other written witness, such as affidavits


“I am not an attorney licensed to practice law in the State of Ohio. I may not give legal advice or accept fees for legal advice or services”.

Services Offered

Acceptable Forms of Identification

Acceptable Identifications with photo and signature for having notarial services performed include the following:

Resident alien identification card (green card)

State-issued driver’s license

State-issued identification card

U.S. military identification card

U.S. passport

Unaccepted forms of identification may include the following:

Birth certificates

Social security cards

School identification cards

Credit cards

Debit cards

Notarial officer may require an individual to provide additional information or identification credentials necessary to assure the notarial officer of the identity of the individual.

Local & Mobile

Ready to come to you when you need a notary the most!

Legal Professionals

Specializing in Estate planning and Real Estate transactions as well as process serving.

Hospitals & Nursing Facilities

Will meet at any local facility to help loved ones that can't make it to a notary.


Pricing Example

One Affidavit Signature + Travel fee = $5 + Travel Fee 

Two Affidavit Signatures + Travel fee = $10 + Travel Fee

Add an additional $15 Convenience Fee for any Mobile Service requested OUTSIDE of posted business hours located at the top and bottom of this page.

Travel Fees:  Such fees are proper only if Notary and singer agree beforehand on the amount to be charged. The signer must understand that a travel fee IS NOT stipulated in law and is separate from the notarial fee described above (ORC 141.08 [D]).

Maximum Notary Fees

Acknowledgments       $5 Per notarial act

Affidavits $5 for all signatures

Certificates (Copy Certifications)                    $5 per certified copy        An individual can make a written statement that the document is an original or a true copy and sign that statement. (That individual signature can be notarized).

Depositions                     $2 per page

Oaths and Affirmations without signature            $5 per affirmation

Protest $5 

Signature Witnessing           $5 per notarial act

Verifications           $5 per notarial act

Areas Serviced

Zip Codes of Areas Serviced

44231, 44274, 44270, 44645, 44614, 44718, 44720, 44632, 44685, 44652, 44312, 44260, 44265, 44319, 44230, 44306, 44301, 44314, 44203, 44320, 44302, 44310, 44273, 44240, 44221, 44262, 44305, 44313

About the Notary

Revenue Cycle Management has been my enjoyment and passion for over twenty-five years in the business and healthcare profession. I love educating and helping people, which brings me fulfillment as well as satisfaction that I made someone’s day better, easier, or even a sigh of relief. 

To say the least, these are a few reasons of many why I became a Notary Public and Notary Signing Agent offering a service of commitment, reliability, and trustworthiness to be able to experience the same in this profession on a more personable level.

Mashonnda J

Mission Statement 

A & A Notary Service is a provider of experience as a Certified Notary Public, and Certified Notary Signing Agent specializing in Mortgage Loan Closings. While maintaining a high standard of respect and confidentiality, we also pride in being trustworthy and considerate to your notary need. We believe when working in a professional manner, produces positive results. Reach out to us with any further questions. We would love to be your preferred Notary service.

We love helping people in need and reaching their dreams

Call: (330) 328-1058

Email: mashonnda@notaryservice2.com


Monday-Friday 8 am - 8 pm

Saturday 12 pm - 5 pm

Sunday 1 pm - 4 pm